Palpung Ireland is a Vajrayana (commonly known as Tibetan) Buddhist Centre with branches in Cork city and Banteer, Co. Cork. We are part of the Karma Kagyu tradition of Buddhism of which the supreme head is the 17th Galwa Karmapa, Urgyn Trinley Dorje. The director and spiritual head of Palpung Ireland is the Guru Vajradhara 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situ Pa Rinpoche. Palpung Ireland is a branch of the Palpung foundation based in Palpung Sherabling Monastery Monastic Seat in India with branches worldwide. Ani Choedrun Lhamo an Irish Buddhist nun is the resident teacher.

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Shrine Room A small corner    Nearby Banteer Natural Park    Cozy Kitchen    Banteer Center    Buddha Statue    Way to Center    One kitchen's corner    Lovely Garden    Buddha Painting    Banteer Center    Lovely Garden    Way to Center    Nearby Banteer Natural Park    Lovely Garden    Reading Room    Buddha Statue    View from Banteer Train Station    Banteer Natural Park    Reading Room    Lovely Garden     Buddha Statue   Way to Center   Nearby Banteer Natural Park   Shrine Room
Shrine Room

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